I have a page about buying  A Classical Guitar, what has that got to do with kids laughing?

Interesting thought!

Language acquisition is the very first process humans encounter and as our ears develop and our physical prowess, so does our hearing of sound.

One of the sounds children are exposed to is laughing. They hear tones in their mothers voice. They have been hearing her voice in utero, (there are lots of studies done on unborn infants responding to music and environmental sounds), gradually children begin to distinguish sounds. They move from babbling to single sounds to words to phrases to sentences.

This language process is similar to all languages, just the sounds will be different. The patterning of language is the rhythm of life and the connections to music are intrinsic.

Children need to explore the sounds their voices make and singing is apart of that process, as is clapping, moving, speaking, listening and playing.

I have put the song “I’ve got a car”up in another page on this web site, demonstrating just these concepts. You will notice I am playing the guitar, modelling the use of an instrument to children. I have found young children are fascinated by instruments and are often inspired to play, when they are a bit older, because they saw their teacher playing to them in kindergarten. A good early childhood program will also give young children the experience of playing non melodic percussion instruments.

Guess what one of the best ways to develop musical skills in children is….. to have fun with them, be joyful and laugh, guiding them in a loving and patient way.

So when they are old enough….. You can buy them a Classical Guitar!!

I hope this has helped in explaining why makingkidslaugh.com has musical connections.

Please ask if I can help in any way.

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