What are the connections between Literacy and Music?

Some ideas to discuss.

Literacy                                              Music

Reading letters to words to sentences with, symbols: full stop etc both have a visual written language Reading music and words- symbol system – rhythms – words- Italian terms,etc Use of recitative
Language transfers to – How much is that doggie? Rhythm- ta ta ti ti ti ti
Alliteration Actual sound
Sentences link to phrasing in music
Reading a books relaxing Listening to music is relaxing
Memory we all learn the letters ABC as a song
Patterns in language Patterns in music
Text enhanced by description, predict,repetition Music increases the mood of the text and uses repetition and prediction
Text used as a song enhances recall
The combination of song and text  is useful tool to enhance learning
Develops auditory discrimination.. vowels, consonants, blends Extended in  many levels of vocalising singing, transfer to instruments with discriminating the sounds they make.
Form – poetry – stanza – novel – chapters Form ABA, AB, canon, rondo
Oral Language Enriched by melody
Connections between language and music and movement- ballet of the unhatched chicks see Utube video.
Story telling enhanced by music example Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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