The Nurturing Family

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On my recent trip to Sri Lanka I learnt a new Elephant Song check this one out I feel deprived not learning this one in my childhood!

Nellie the Elephant

I was bought up on Rudyard Kipling’s How the Elephant got his Trunk. Loved the language … the great, grey-green greasy Limpopo River…

During the trip my friends and I went to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.We were enthralled by the herd in the river having their daily bath. The elephant is such a noble creature. The female elephant is the most exemplary mother and would go to extraordinary lengths to protect her young. The females tend to live in family groups with their calves, with one older female becoming the matriarch. The males interact with the females when they want a mate. Elephants are herbivores and can be found in Asia, Africa and India. I was fascinated by the differences between the African and Asian animals. The Asian ones have smaller ears and pinkish pigmentation on the upper part of the trunk.

What’s really most interesting about elephants are the lessons we can learn from this extraordinary creature, its spiritual connection to the world and how it has been revered by many cultures throughout history. Ina Woolcott in her article Elephant, Power Animal, Symbol of Commitment, Royalty, Strength reveals many interesting facts about their longevity, their connections to religion, their intelligence and telepathic abilities with other members of their herd and how they have just four molars which are replaced six times throughout their life.

Elephants have much to teach us about nurturing, caring, supporting, protecting and especially how those simple qualities allow their young to thrive. Not dissimilar to humans the baby elephant relies on its mother for the first three years of its life. They show grief when a herd member dies and will pine and may even die as a result of separation.

Such an extraordinary creature. I loved watching the babies playing in the water.

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