The Beauty on this Earth


Mother Nature provides us with such beauty on this earth, I have been struck with the magnificent sunsets we have been enjoying over this summer. Every day I am grateful for the gift of sight that allows me to see this magnificence. The only thing you can do is sit and enjoy it… take it in, it does not cost anything to look at… the beauty on this earth. I hope you will start to notice it and take a deep breath and enjoy this time. The colour of the sky is a source of great wonder to me.

So what is Well Being?

Well being can be described as being in a good place within yourself characterised  by having your health, happiness, abundance, family, friends and to be able to be grateful for those blessings. Being positive and always looking for the good in what is around you is also very advantageous  to well being.

How can we maintain that feeling of Well Being?

Appreciation of the arts are a magnificent way of taking our minds to another level, music has always been a great solice to me, John Rutter’s Anthem For the Beauty of the Earth is just a beautiful piece of music.

Check out this youtube video

Everyone has some form of art work that inspires them… from painting through to dance, ballet, singing, film, books, poetry, photography what ever it may be, the arts enrich us in so many ways and will personally touch us sometimes when we least expect it.

Meditation is another way we can give to us… time to be with ourselves… just a few minutes a day can enhance our well being. There is a great deal of research on how meditation can drop blood pressure and slow your breathing to alleviate stress.

Having regular sleep is necessary to enhance well being, it allows your body and mind time to recuperate and replenish. Having regular sleep patterns makes a big difference to your quality of life. The offers Healthy Sleep Tips if you are interested.

Eating wholesome food, grains, fruit and vegetables having regular meals and sitting down to eat (enjoying the ritual eating together) is pertinent to well being.

Every now and then taking a break and having a holiday is necessary to enhance well being…going somewhere you have never been or having that special place to go to. Making time for a vacation, getting out of the routine is very helpful to maintaining self preservation and that of the family.

Maintaining an exercise routine or partaking in sport, team events or solo persuits gets the heart rate up and keeps the weight down and has a positive effect on mental health.

Finding our own place.

Each and everyone of us is different we find our own place to be and nurture our selves. I have touched on a few ideas to support our well being. Men and women alike…don’t neglect your self be proactive in maintaining your well being. Remember to laugh and know your children are being guided by you and your example.

Take care.

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