Enjoy “Someone” this Holiday Season



The iPad App for this book allows the option of hearing the story being read and also for the child to record and hear themselves reading the story. There are ‘puzzle me’ as well as ‘painting’ options so the child can make the story their own.

The story can be used in the classroom or in the home as an adjunct … and in a variety of contexts, maths, self esteem, rhyming to name just a few.

This delightful children’s story introduces the eponymous character, Someone, who has a problem that made him sad: he had only ten strands of hair on his head! Readers will follow Someone as he goes to hilarious lengths to grow his hair. Will any of his wild antics work? Parents, Teachers and their kids will find out the answer and enjoy a great laugh along the way. The exciting mix of vibrant illustrations and the hilarious storyline in Someone make it a delightful read. This is an App that will capture the imagination and tickle the reader’s funny bone.

The link for the App is below.

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Someone by Jackie Ewers


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