What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically the Affliate marketer promotes products on their website from a source such as Amazon or Clickbank and then for every product sold by this method, the marketer gets a percentage of the sale.




Wealthy Affiliate is an organisation set up by Carson and Kyle. They are both young highly successful Affiliate Marketers, however they both went through an arduous process to become successful.


They thought there must be an easier way…and so developed a whole community designed to help others set up an Affilate Marketing Business. Wealthy Affiliate (or WA as it is known) provides extensive training, a very clear process, information, skills and plus a net work of caring talented people to encourage success.

There are no guarantees. It is your journey. You need to be realistic and honest in your intensions.

What can Wealthy Affiliate do for you?

Make extra cash is your ultimate goal regarding your efforts in Wealthy Affiliate.

The basic premise of this organisation is to help people: to provide training and support  in the area of affiliate marketing from the very beginning right through to those who become very successful. It must be said- they do it very well.

There are no age limits- just an ability to learn.goals

You are encouraged to set goals, work hard and keep learning.


How much the internet rules our lives is really up to us …but… the world is rapidly changing, job tenure is not what it was and there are jobs being invented on a daily basis that we never thought of ten years ago.

I am nearing retirement age and have embraced the Internet world. I find it exciting and a wonderful way to increase your skill set. I am a beginner but in the last six months I have:

  • created a niche
  • set up a web site
  • begun to negotiate my way around a WordPress theme
  • written pages and posts and blogs
  • met a very supportive intelligent community
  • changed the theme three times
  • learnt about key words
  • met other affiliate marketers
  • created and uploaded videos on YouTube


  • created an adscence account
  • created social media accounts
  • learnt about evergreen content
  • put ads on my site

Of course there is so much more … and so much more to learn.

You can also check out Jaaxy to help you find those fabulous key words to help with your blogs, click below.

If you are thinking of a contingency plan for your future then I cannot recommend this community enough Wealthy Affiliate is well worth considering.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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