“Laughter is life’s sweetest creation”

A dear friend of mine passed away recently and I found a beautiful Papyrus card to send to the family. The insignia on the back of the card was the hummingbird, the company logo, an extra attachment came with the card offering these words.

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation. 

It is so nice to be reminded of the beauty in our world and to be grateful for the simple things. Laughter costs nothing and flows irrepressibly. Wonderfully, it is part of the human condition.

Enjoy and take time in your day to have a giggle.

best wishes,


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Are our kids laughing enough in their childhood?

It is interesting to ponder whether our children are laughing enough in their childhood and it is also interesting to think about this phase of our human growth called…. CHILDHOOD.

We have come to accept the so called”childhood” phase as a developmental process that children go through.

However historically this was not always the case. The Victorian era saw children used as cheap labour……. life expectancy was short… girls bore their babies younger and the expectations of and for children were quite different than today.

Viewed from our adult perspective childhood as a concept seems to be a simple, uncomplicated time although, it has not always been so accepted as such.

For example:

A) In traditional nomadic cultures children had to fend for them selves from a young age, as life revolved around the survival of the fittest. There were often special rituals which girls as well as boys had to go through to reach adulthood.

B) The phenomena of a “childhood” in the Western culture is historically relatively new, developing in around the late 19th century with Victorian families in the upper classes in England recognising the sanctity of the child.

C) However scholars have written about  childhood in Medieval times and also pre -industrial times indicating that when infant mortality was high, special care was given to children during times of sickness or grief.

D) Those children born into noble families were groomed and schooled in matters that were of benefit to the family.

E) Religion it is thought, also played a part in nurturing the child. However in the eyes of church law and common law, children were equal to adults in some matters but not in others.

F) Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland published in 1865 began a change in writing for children.

With the advent of literacy schools began to emerge although it was not until the late 19th century however that the development of schools for children in the Western  world started to become popular, particularly for the well-to-do. It was not until early in the 20th century that all children had a right to education and children began to have legal rights. This idea of literacy and education for children then began to cross pollinate into other cultures around the world.

Physicians and psychologists with Jean Piaget in particular, began to write about the cognition of the brain and demonstrated an awareness of the stages of development that a child goes through in becoming an adult. Language development along with cognitive  emotional and physical development were studied and, as each physician,psychologist and educationalist added to the picture, this notion of “childhood” emerged. So …yes, children do pass through a childhood stage. Piaget’s theories were significant in the understanding of this process.

There are many eminent scholars today still refining and researching the essence of childhood. Neil Postman in a later edition to his book The Disappearance of Childhood originally written in 1982 he wrote a Preface in 1994 in which he discussed this notion of childhood, where he was interested in the thoughts of children themselves and he says

“I will stand by the theme of the book: American culture is hostile to the idea of childhood. But it is a comforting, even exhilarating thought that children are not.”

An Interesting thought,children standing up for themselves.

So how is that wearing with us today? How far have we come? Is social media affecting childhood? Have we come full circle? Do our kids have a childhood today? Can we as parents monitor everything our children are seeing on the Internet? Are we loosing this concept of childhood again by allowing our children to play inappropriate video games, allowing little girls of four … to strut sexually in a beauty pageant, watch violent news broadcasts, see x rated movies??? Or does it run deeper than that? Are we laughing enough with our children…Are we embracing the pure joy of our children’s childhood?

What are your thoughts??

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Laughter and Well Being

Enjoy the day

We all know that laughter improves well being but remember with each day comes a new beginning, new possibilities, new reasons to be grateful lets just enjoy the beauty in nature and be with ourselves. Take care.






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Laugh and Play – DAILY OM


Look what came up in a Daily Om.

Laugh and Play

You may feel like engaging in fun-filled activities today. Since your mood may be light-hearted, you might want to do something that lets you laugh and smile. These feelings could be the result of your sense of contentment and your connection with your inner child. You might want to think about spreading your joy and sense of fun to others today through some form of play. You could join your friends in doing something childlike and spontaneous such as swinging on the swings, dancing in the rain, or playing on the beach. Try connecting with your inner child and let yourself laugh and play with reckless abandon. You could find that your delight is infectious and will soon spread to others.

Having fun with others through some form of play allows us to take pleasure in the wonders of life. These days our lives tend to be filled with serious pursuits, and we often forget the joy that playfulness brings to us. Without play, our lives lack spontaneity and adventure. But when we are connected to our inner child, we realize the value of play in our lives. We remember to laugh and let go of our daily concerns. Play also reminds us to remain in the present moment, which in turn helps us maintain healthier and more pleasurable relationships with others. Share your good humor through play with others today, and you will discover the carefree spirit of your inner child.

Daily Om can be obtained by clicking on the following site lots of thought provoking information to help you with your day.



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Laugh Laughter Laughing…..

is an involuntary, physical reaction in humans, consisting typically of rhythmical, often audible contractions of the diaphragm and other parts of the respiratory system. It is a response to certain external or internal stimuli (affiliate link) a spontaneous reaction. (Wikipedia)


Many things can make us laugh, sometimes uncontrollably, it may be something someone has said or done or created.It may be an emotional reaction to a situation. It may be something in a movie in live theatre or something the guy down the road at the petrol station said to you or a work colleague. It can happen any time any place and sometimes when you least expect it.

Children see the world through totally innocence eyes, they never cease to amaze me with the wonderful pearls of wisdom that pop out of their mouths, when you least expect it.

I wish I had written down all the funny things my kids  (affiliate link) had said, this was one I remember- on a particular day my mother was talking to my boys, my eldest was five at the time, the youngest was about 18 months we were in the car, I was driving, my Mum was visiting from NZ. Mum was in the passenger seat and was very interested in what my five year old wanted to do when he grew up.She gave him lots of ideas….. and did not get a response….my son was very quiet…. Until finally she put the hard word on. Well you must have some ideas she persisted and this little voice said ” I”ll be a retired kid!”
My mother was completely blown away and never asked that sort of question again!

Laughter is closely connected to well being and well being is connected to everything we do. It is important to feel good about yourself.

Live Love and Laugh.

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Best wishes