Nurturing the Family Holiday

Should you take a break?

I remember, as a child, traveling for hours in our family car, playing a variety of games, putting up with my little sister crying and always asking the question… “Are we there yet?”



All the fighting and squabbling dissipates when we finally arrive at our destination: it looked something like this! Beautiful beaches, glorious weather and swimming in that water… what more did a kid want? I remember those holidays with much affection just the family enjoying time together, no agenda, just time to chill.

At the time I did not understand the significance of spending that time together but as an adult I am pleased to say that I went on these holidays and I am more delighted to observe that families are still going away on holiday together. Families are still nurturing each other. Yeah!

Some times children are taken on an over seas holiday to Singapore or some other place, enjoying scenes such as these.

IMG_1961                OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Great Wall in China                            Gardens by the Bay Singapore


IMG_0788         IMG_1430

Swimming with turtles in Tahiti                  Tea Plantations in Sri Lanka


What ever it might be holidays are a great way for families to nurture each other, coming together spending time, talking, exploring, experiencing… creating memories.

Why spend time together as a family?

The dictionary describes “families” as a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family

There is a bond with these people and often a blood connection, a shared DNA, a hereditary. In most societies this is the place where children are nurtured and socialised and many of the adults play a big part in who they become. Adults are role models. We learn about trust, honesty, loyalty, sharing, caring, supporting,values, morals, resilience… in an ideal world children have both a female and male role model to nurture them into adulthood.

During my teaching career I was often astounded, after the long holiday break, how much some children had blossomed, they had a renewed sense of themselves and were so eager to tell you about their holiday. They sparkled, it was delightful. I have no doubt it was due to that special family time. Dad played with me… etc.

Families can look quite different today, some children have two mothers or two fathers, or step parents or are being bought up by grandparents, what ever the configuration, I think most child physiologists agree, it does not really matter, as long as children are being bought up by caring adults. That is what you would wish for every child on this earth but we all know that not all children are blessed with a caring family around them.

10 Reasons to go on holidays.

Many countries of the world provide government run social services that organise holiday camps for those children that might not have the opportunity,for a variety of reasons, to go on a holiday. The need for people to have a change of scene is well recognised and so here are ten reasons why you need to take a break.

1. The memories, the photos, the connection.

2. Broaden your perspective and give you time to reflect.

3. See new places, whether at home or abroad.

4.Try new food.

5. Relax and have fun.

6. Gives you time to let go of your life and day dream and be creative.

7. Saves you from burning out or your job.

8. Improve your health, taking in more Vitamin D or excerising more ie: boating, skiing or riding a horse…

9. Relieves stress having time to chill out.

10. Brings you closer to your loved ones.

Enjoy your family, take a holiday and be grateful everyday for the things you have.

Be safe.

Best wishes





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