Making a cake for your child’s birthday is always a challenge. I used to refer to the Australian Woman’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake books. Many a time the images and suggestions proved to be a life-saver! One of the most challenging aspects was that you would never know, from one year to the next, what the newest craze would be.

image¬† ¬† Google search Woman’s Weekly Australia to find this book.

I have been doing a little research on the History of Cake Making and it is very interesting that the tradition dates back to the Egyptians. What is fascinating is how the cake developed: initially from being sweetened with honey and dried fruit until the development of refining sugar, which changed the baking and texture of cakes, as did the way flour was ground and refined.

It is also interesting living within another culture, as I am presently residing and working in Singapore. Cake traditions are slightly different. Though still used for celebrations, the cakes often have different textures and quite different flavours from Western  traditions. For example a pandan cake is a new flavour for me, as is grated cheese within a pandan swiss roll. The mix of sweetness with cheese gives your palate something very different to savour.

I found making a butter cake a good start to cake baking so here is a site with a good recipe.


There are lots of ideas on this site for food for kids.

The Nursing Mothers Association in Australia has two great recipe books.One is a red and the other is a blue one. They are oldies but have been recently revamped. Where else would you find a recipe for play dough?

When you travel from country to country the ingredients in your favourite recipes some times differ in name and substance. I find a bit of trial and error is required but when ever you can find a flour with cream of tartar in it, it is usually a winner.

Enjoy, best wishes,