Making Kids Laugh with Educational TOYS


Fisher-Price is such a reputable firm they have been making children’s toys since 1930. Margaret Evans Price, together with her husband Irving Price and colleague Herman Fisher, co-founded Fisher-Price. Margaret was a children’s book illustrator and artist and became the first Art Director of Fisher-Price. Her first designs were push-pull toys based on characters from her children’s books. Really interesting how talents can be co-opted into such ventures.

Margaret was from a wealthy family but even so she was the ultimate working girl, having studied art at the Massacheusetts Normal Art School and later at the Boston Academy of Fine Arts, she went on to be a freelance artist in New York and published with Rand McNally and Harper & Brothers, before being married.

Though Margaret has long gone from Fisher-Price they still bring out an extraordinary number of creative and enticing toys for children.

This first toy, Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table is no exception. This toy enables the toddler to stand and move around as they would the furniture but there are things to do specifically designed for young children.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table has all the gadgets for your busy toddler.This is the stage where your little person is using his/her finger dexterity to the max, opening and shutting, pushing and pulling, pressing and listening to sounds and words. There is even a feature that allows you a bilingual option.

I recommend that you place the table on a clean flat surface making sure it does not wobble around, so your toddler can easily move around and not trip over long carpets or rugs. I would also suggest that when your toddler is still in that early stage of finding his/her feet that children are supervised using these toys.

So once your little person has become tired of standing he/she can crawl around open and shut the door and sit in this cute little car, Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car.  The dash board is like any modern car with all sorts of flashing lights and buttons to press! The car features knobs that play children’s songs that you can sing along  with, it also creatively introduces such concepts as numbers,colours and letters. I was impressed with this little beauty it is also part of the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Series. It sits stable on the floor with the wheels positioned a little higher off the ground so your small person can sit and turn them around, without going any where.


These are perfect presents.

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