Here is a fun educational  party game for children, I often used to use at my kids’parties. It was called The Chocolate Game, and I found that 8 to 11 year olds really like to play this game.

You will need:

a block of chocolate
a knife and fork
a plate (plastic or metal)
a hat and a coat
a dice in a plastic cup

Place all these things on a table with a chair,set a little distance away from the group.

The Children sit in a circle and the dice is passed around. Each child takes a turn at throwing it. Every time a six on the dice is thrown, the child who threw it, runs to the table puts on the hat and jacket, then sits on the chair, uses the knife and fork to cut the chocolate and then must pick it up with a fork to eat it.As soon as the next six is thrown,the first person has to leave the table so the next person takes over. It becomes quite hilarious watching kids trying to cut the chocolate and go through the stages of the game.

Dressing up

As children we used to have a dress-up box with all sorts of clothes in it.We used to parade around the house creating lots of imaginary occasions, situations and stories while embellishing our play with the out-fit. There were shoes, hats, Mums old ball gowns, old handbags, belts and so on. That box kept us entertained for hours. Many kindergartens have such a box and you will find that dressing up is still such fun.

Fancy Dress

There is a web site in Australia called www.costume They also cater for adults, but have an extensive range of costumes for teenagers as well as the younger children. The prices range from $14.00 to $95.00 depending on the complexity of the costume. They offer free express shipping within Australia. Registering for their Newsletter entitles you to discounts when you buy.

There is so much you can do, even with simple things like plastic garbage bags!If you google search “dressing up with plastic bags”or “recycling bags for fancy dress” there are some amazing ideas for out fits. Get your young ones involved and search for the children’s ideas.

Have fun.  Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes,