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My grandmother was one of eleven and was bought up on a farm. The rituals of preparing good quality food and sitting down around the table together are strong and I have a hard time understanding those people that don’t use the family meal as a time to share and chat to each other.


When my kids were growing up I banned TV during the week and made that time every night, family time. Sitting around the family table is to me, so important and kids like the routine. It’s a time to chat about your day and engage in conversation. It is something now I think parents have to fight for, digital media is so intrusive  and I think families need to decide on some rules of engagement when it comes to family meals. Think about how you and your family get together and how often.

What is your child eating at school?


Providing a routine of regular meals for your children is necessary for good health and helps them to thrive. Well nourished kids function better at school. Here are a few ideas for the lunch box. There has been the Healthways campaign in Australia that encourages eating five veg and two fruit a day, probably not a bad thing.

Jamie Oliver has done a great deal to improve the quality of school lunches in the UK. He also tried in the US but sadly was not well received, I have lived in the US and as much as I love the people and the place, I found the cheap bread and bright yellow cheese on offer in the super markets a challenge to buy. Cheap… but.. poor quality. I looked around for good quality bread and cheese and found it at a much higher price, but available. Sad that food has been processed so much that it makes it cheap but worthless nutritionally. This was back in the 1980’s, I hope this is still not the case!


Variety is the spice of life.

Offering  a variety of food I believe is a good thing for children. Teaching them to try new things is important. I know they will have their favourites, but there are so many types of food to try and many children go to schools that have children from a variety of cultures.

On a daily basis different food is often being eaten around them and days like Harmony Day encourage children to see how food is prepared and they have the opportunity to try something different.


Just a spoon full of sugar…

In the movie Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews sings the song “Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.” I don’t think the song is suggesting that we eat three teaspoons of sugar to eat a muesli bar or 6 spoons of sugar when we drink a glass or orange juice! But that is what we are doing!! Sugar has been added to every thing we buy, peanut butter, tomato sauce to name a few things, and yes, it might enhance flavour but was not meant to be  added to everything we eat.

The song from Mary Poppins suggests that it used to mask the taste of a yucky medicine, in the days the song was written it was a good idea… sugar was a treat… now it seems it has become a necessity!!! Really…. I was horrified when I saw the movie ” That Sugar Movie” if you haven’t seen it, it is a must see.

Sugar has been placed in just about everything you can buy in a can or a bottle… in the super market. The over introduction of sugar has been a clever surreptitious invasion of our food and I was totally sucked in too. I was horrified and had no idea my health was so effected. I have not eaten much processed sugar since.


Keeping a balance

I think it is important to keep a balance, everything in moderation, but as parents we now to not only  watch our children’s screen time and internet use, and now the amount of sugar we give our children!!! A parents job is not easy. Fresh meat fruit and veggies are the key.

I am a great fan of Jamie Oliver and this is the mission statement of Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation.

Our mission is to shape the health and wellbeing of current and future generations and contribute to a healthier world, by providing better access to food education for everyone.

We work in schools, where our Kitchen Garden Project resources educate primary school children about the joys of growing and cooking from scratch; in communities, where our Ministry of Food programme inspires people of all ages to get in the kitchen and give cooking a go; and with disengaged young people, where our Fifteen Apprentice Programme provides inspiration and support to those pursuing a career in the food industry.

For further information check out The Food Foundation Website.

Keep caring about what you put in your mouth and what your give your kids to eat.

Good luck and thanks for visiting.



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  1. Hi there! I have a nephew and this site has been very informative! I’ll have to pass this info and site on to my sister! Thanks for this!


    • Thanks for dropping by Kyle, glad you found the site useful. Best wishes Jackie


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