Keeping Toddlers Busy- Water Play

This is a fabulous toy for your toddler, it has so many things for little people to explore, especially on a hot day! From winding up the anchor, squirting canons, pushing pumps, little slides, lots of opportunities for children to tip and pour and generally get wet and have fun.

Why do toddlers need to play?

Engaging with your child in play and setting up an environment that promotes play is one of the most important things you an do for your young child. Children learn by repetition, repeating the same act over and over again…. throwing spoons, mugs, plates off the high chair tray is all part of the process. Using buttons, splashing, pulling, feeling, touching, sharing, manipulating knobs, buttons, wheels, switches… is developing not only their fine and large muscle skills but is contributing to their social and emotional development. Through play they develop an awareness of themselves in time and space, building blocks, going up coming down, in and out, around, beside, inside, upside down, swinging… all these things are developing also the foundation for language development as children need to have those concepts  later on. Never under estimate the importance of young children playing, they are assimilating much more than you realise.

It is important that young children are supervised and kept safe while exploring, learning and playing.

Little Tikes 

Little Tikes is a company founded in 1969, Aurora, Ohio, United States. They have been making quality products, not just the US but in Asia and Europe. Little Tikes’ makes  mostly low-tech molded plastic toys aimed primarily at infants and young children, for indoor and outdoor use. Check this out for your little ones, you won’t be disappointed your children will be entertained for hours.