How to buy a Classical Guitar for the young player

I have taught beginning classical guitar for many years to young children and beginning adults who often have never had any musical experience. Kids can have a lot of fun learning and playing an instrument.

Many of those children have gone on to become highly skilled players and still play in adulthood, which is always very gratifying to hear. It is possible for any one to play an instrument it just takes a little tenacity and patience.

A passion for playing and a love of the instrument is something I encourage in my players, learning an instrument should be taught not compromising on the skills required but introduced in a fun and nurturing environment.

My forte is the beginner only and after certain skills are mastered I encourage players to continue their studies with more advanced players.

During that time I have been asked by parents and beginning adults……Where do I buy? What do I buy? How much should I spend? ……..Well here is that guide.


I would love any feed back regarding anything I may not have covered or any queries you may have, please feel free to leave me a message.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Best wishes