Giant Family Fun


Every now and then something extraordinary comes along and yesterday was that day, as part of the Festival of Perth, I went to see the Giants. They are not a foot ball team!!! They are Giant puppets. Royal De Luxe are world leaders in large-scale street theatre and story telling. Founded in 1979, based in Nantes, France they are recognised internationally for their extraordinary events. The magical, poetic and epic nature of their work is something to behold.





If you ever get a chance to see them, take the opportunity, I was enthralled by the puppeteering…a team of 70 people work to manipulate these giant puppets. It was very hot work and so synchronised. The movement started in one part of town at 9.30am and we were waiting on the streets for two hours, it took all that time for the entourage ┬áto pass by. It was very worth the wait, I just began to appreciated the enormous amount of planning on so many levels that must have gone into bringing this wonderful experience to Perth Western Australia.

The whole experience lasts over three days and tells a story that commemorates the centenary of ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps –a day we commemorate fallen soldiers in Australia and New Zealand).

A wonderful public event for families and friends to get together have fun and enjoy street theatre at its best. If they come to your city do not miss them.

Let me know if you saw them too.

Would love to hear from you, thanks for dropping by.

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