Laugh Laughter Laughing…..

is an involuntary, physical reaction in humans, consisting typically of rhythmical, often audible contractions of the diaphragm and other parts of the respiratory system. It is a response to certain external or internal stimuli (affiliate link) a spontaneous reaction. (Wikipedia)


Many things can make us laugh, sometimes uncontrollably, it may be something someone has said or done or created.It may be an emotional reaction to a situation. It may be something in a movie in live theatre or something the guy down the road at the petrol station said to you or a work colleague. It can happen any time any place and sometimes when you least expect it.

Children see the world through totally innocence eyes, they never cease to amaze me with the wonderful pearls of wisdom that pop out of their mouths, when you least expect it.

I wish I had written down all the funny things my kids  (affiliate link) had said, this was one I remember- on a particular day my mother was talking to my boys, my eldest was five at the time, the youngest was about 18 months we were in the car, I was driving, my Mum was visiting from NZ. Mum was in the passenger seat and was very interested in what my five year old wanted to do when he grew up.She gave him lots of ideas….. and did not get a response….my son was very quiet…. Until finally she put the hard word on. Well you must have some ideas she persisted and this little voice said ” I”ll be a retired kid!”
My mother was completely blown away and never asked that sort of question again!

Laughter is closely connected to well being and well being is connected to everything we do. It is important to feel good about yourself.

Live Love and Laugh.

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15 Responses to “LAUGH…..LAUGHTER….. LAUGHING”

  1. Mohamed Samir

    A very informative site with a catchy design . I have really enjoyed and bookmarked it . I would prefer that you have email marketing to get valuable knowledge from you.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback, have taken note of your advise. Thanks for visiting. Best wishes.

  2. Mohamed Samir

    Your site makes me optimistic. Really laugh is what we need to overcome the difficulties in our life.

  3. Mohamed Samir

    Really, your site is fantastic . When I feel upset , I just visit your site to be optimistic.

    • Thanks so much I am so glad that find it up lifting, great news. Take care.

  4. Chantal Vanderhaeghen

    Hi Jackie – love this. Even though I do not have children, it makes me remember to laugh, particularly as we are now moving Mum to an aged care facility. In amongst the high emotions, there are moments of real laughter and things we used to get up to as kids.

    • Thanks Chantal, so glad it has struck a chord for you, thanks for the feedback, sorry to hear about your Mum, take care Jackie x

  5. Anna Earnshaw

    What a clever person you are and how busy and productive you you have been.
    I love the name and your approach so natural, happy, and a celebration of life.
    I am so proud of you my dear friend. I will be using your songs with my kindy kids.
    Now all I have to do is watch your video and a smile is instantly on my face.
    Thank you

    • Dear Anna, Thanks so much for your feedback so special, I am very humbled by your words, thank you for your love and support. A big hug. I will get some more Kindy songs up for you. Love always Jackie xxx


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