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The Christening Cup

There are certain times in your life when there are a run of very happy occasions, for example: 18th and 21st and all significant birthdays, weddings and christenings…. yes  the baby stage! I am for ever trying to find suitable gifts during those times. I have looked long and hard for christening gifts. I have a simple beautiful sterling silver cup given to me by my god father. This one is so like it. Clean lines and plenty of space to engrave the child’s name and date. Something to have for a lifetime and pass on down the family. Then I got to thinking, lets find out about christening cups?


Where is this cup manufactured?

Cunill America Inc. is the company that imports these products to America, they are the distributor of the signature brand Cunhill Barcelona 1916®.

Since 1916, the craftsmen of Cunill Barcelona, Spain have combined artisan traditions with innovation to provide the marketplace with heirloom quality, handmade sterling silver. Cunill uses sterling made of 94% pure silver versus the legally defined measurement of 92.5%, giving Cunill a much whiter and brighter finish. The thickness of the silver also contributes to the overall value in weight and guarantees the structural integrity of each piece. The silver used for all sterling products ranges between .4 to .8 millimeters thick, much higher than the industry standard.

What is the significance of the christening cup?

This was one of the best answers I found on line.

Although the Christening cup became increasingly popular in Victorian times, the myths and tradition surrounding cups themselves have roots going back many thousands of years. It was traditionally given to boys.

Drinking vessels have had a deep and enduring significance in people’s lives since early prehistory. From the cups and jars used in Sumerian and Egyptian funeral rites to the Beaker and Celtic cultures of Western Europe, cups and goblets have been used for millennia to carry the ashes and remains of the dead, drink the blood of vanquished foes and seal binding vows.

Think of the cauldrons of the druids, the Vikings’ horned cups and the Celtic quaich and it is plain that cups, tankards and goblets carry a significance way beyond their simple function. Then consider that sports teams compete for cups. The World Cup, the FA Cup, the Ryder Cup and the America’s Cup are all fought over with passion and skill, but why are they competing for cups rather than forks, saucepans or kettles?

Part of the cup’s legacy may come from the ritual of sharing a drink from a single cup, as in the Loving Cups and Grace Cups drunk at formal banquets and dinners. Trust and communal bonds are reaffirmed when drinking from the same cup and this is mirrored in the chalice and the Communion service in the Christian Church.

The Christening cup obviously has precedents from our distant past, which have been adopted over time and assumed a greater religious significance. From the concept of plenty – “My Cup Runneth Over” – in Psalm 23, to the cup of judgement and obligation in Christ’s words in Gethsemane – “Let this cup pass from me” – the cup itself has a resonance throughout Christian tradition.

One of the world’s most celebrated cups is the Holy Grail. This was the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper and later by Joseph of Arimathea to catch Christ’s blood at the crucifixion. It features in Arthurian myth and countless legends, imbued as it was with great power.

A bit of food for thought.

Interesting article…

I really don’t think that this gift should be just given to boys I was given a christening cup… I am a girl..woman… as I said, over 40 years ago… so… I think girls should be given this gift also, I think we have out grown that thinking.

So if you are needing a gift for that special baby give a thought to the Christening Cup and  remember, to order this one you will need to think in advance and give your self some time for the order to arrive, well before the occasion.

The cups are sterling silver, sent in an elegant gift box, need to be had washed in mild soap and water and can be engraved.

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