There are many wonderful books out there to make your kids laugh, my son recently turned 26 and he still has a passion for Dr Seuss, check out his birthday cake.

Making Kids Laugh


Dr Seuss books are much loved, Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Blue Fish, The Lorax ……there are so many but…… the one children just spend hours over is Wacky Wednesday. This fabulous book has kids transfixed from the beginning, a boy wakes up and every where he looks everything is wrong, from things in his room, to the bathroom, other things in the house and then out side. Oh my how the world is funny! Children love exploring the pages looking for all the things out of order.

There is a fabulous website: can join their club and the site has a lot of information about Dr Seuss Books, one page shows parts of the rhymes from many of the books and another page suggests books for children at different reading ages.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the language used in these books is the rhyming, all children love rhyming words but they are particularly wonderful for those children learning English as a second language.


Another series is Fix-it-Duck an oldie but a goodie, duck is a very helpful duck but not very competent and gets himself in all sorts of strife to help his friends. Actually they do not find him very helpful at all! Children love these books as they feel the impending disasters looming.



Someone By Jackie Ewers


A child I read the story too told me the following week.. ” Oh Miss Jackie that story about the hair growing out of the head….. Very funny!” He is a boy just learning English.

This delightful children’s book introduces the eponymous character, Someone,
who has a problem that made him sad: he had only ten hair strands on his
head. Readers will follow Someone as he goes to hilarious lengths to grow his
hair. Will any of his wild antics work? Parents and their kids will find out the
answer and enjoy a great laugh along the way.
The exciting mix of vibrant illustrations and the hilarious storyline in
SOMEONE make it a delightful read. This is a book that will capture the
imagination and tickle the reader’s funny bone.

There is a trailer to view

Someone Jackie Ewers Trailer

The book can also be down loaded as an ap from the apple ap store.

Here is the link

Enjoy best wishes.