Beautiful babies… just laughing…

Lots of babies laughing

There is just no substitute for the simple pleasure of hearing a baby laugh, it is just pure joy. No games, no hidden agendas or planning, just laughing for the sake of it. Our world needs lots of impromptu pleasures. I cannot stop playing these videos. So incredibly cute.

Its not all laughter but…

I am going to be a Nana this year and I am really excited, I think having children enriches your life in ways that you never thought possible. All those sleepless nights, unless nappy changes, watching them start to sit, to walk, to run, to go to school…suddenly they are finishing school, at Uni, got a job. They are constructive members of society, Wow… how lucky am I and then they come and tell you they are getting married or having a baby. It is the icing on the cake.

For all the heart ache one goes through as a parent, I know I would not change it for the world. I am so privileged to be watching my children become parents and supporting them in their new role.

So yes, it is not all laughter, but “oh,” does laughter help on the journey!

I have become so aware as I get older of the eternal cycle of being human. Thinking about your own mortality makes you assess the life you have lived and are living.

Still laughing

We all need to be grateful every day for family, for living, for loving and for laughing, aren’t we lucky to witness our kids growing up, our grand children being born and their developmental stages. I am so excited to be part of my grandchildren’s life. Their birth is such a verification of life and the magnificent things on offer.

As I sit and ponder feeling a deep concern for our world, war, famine, misery, illness, homelessness and just the endless extremes of the human condition. I have to keep my life in perspective and give thanks for honesty, loyalty, integrity and the pure joy of beautiful babies…just laughing.

Always love hearing from you.

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Take care and laugh a lot.



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