Baby Rattles to Laugh and Play

The humble baby rattle has a long and distinguished history and has been produced throughout the ages, for the amusement of infants. They can be made from a variety materials, wood, cloth, silver, in the 16th and 17th century and now in the 21st century many rattles are made of plastic.

The rattle has a number of functions to aid your babies development:

  • something for them to suck and chew on when teething
  • aids in developing hand to eye co-ordination,
  • hearing- many rattles make sounds when shaken the baby is drawn to the sound,
  • tracking with the eyes, baby will follow the bright colours or the sound
  • many plastic rattles are made of bright colours, that make them attractive to babies
  • different textures appeal to babies also, smooth, hard and soft for example

Be careful with your choice

Always be careful buying a rattle for a baby make sure there is nothing that could break off and cause choking or restrict airways.

Something really special

Sometimes you want some thing very special for a friends baby perhaps you have been invited to be a god parent at a christening or you have a beautiful new niece or nephew, or you are a grandmother or father, what ever the reason, you cannot go past these two lovely sterling silver rattles.

The rattle is made of sterling silver, smooth and shaped like a heart with a gentle soft rattle sound when shaken. A special gift that will last a life time and will become a family heirloom.

So think about creating an heirloom for your family.

You may prefer this beautiful rattle shaped like a dumb bell, this shaped rattle has been used by babies throughout the ages. I have a sterling silver rattle that was my fathers (he is 90) and it is complete with teeth marks! Very precious to our family. This luxurious sterling silver baby rattle with a beaded edge is simple and elegant.

Both rattles come in a gift box. Polish your silver once or twice a year, hand wash and dry immediately with a chamois or soft cotton cloth to avoid spotting and any residue that might be harmful to a child.

Something to be treasured.

Always appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy, thanks for dropping by.

best wishes,