Engage Kids

20 Ways to Engage kids without Television

Engage kids without television

How to engage kids without television, to keep them fit and make them laugh is a simple and uncomplicated goal to have and does not need to cost a lot of money. There is a delightful spontaneity in spending time with your child/children while keeping active.

Here are 20 suggestions for some fun interaction with your kids.

      • Just going for a walk and talking about what you see.
      • Going to the local park and using the play equipment, slides, swings see saw, etc.
      • Throwing a ball foot ball, rugby or a bean bag, out side or inside away from any thing precious like Grandmas china!
      • Using a skipping rope, there are short ones for individuals or longer ones, that could be used with friends.
      • Hop scotch
      • Elastics, you need a few friends for this game.
      • Using a bat and a ball,is a great way to have some fun, there are many combinations, a ball on elastic attached to a post,hit with a short bat: table tennis, tennis : hockey : golf, mini golf: cricket:
      • Clapping games
      • Climbing up steps, over fences, where ever you happen to be, make up an obstacle course…..I don’t mean going to Mt Everest! This could be an inside or out side activity. (kids love climbing through and over things like old boxes, under tables etc.)
      • Hopping, jumping, skipping, crawling, running, rolling, walking children need to know how to do these things.
      • Swimming
      • Going to the beach.
      • Walking in a forest or bush.
      • Playing with the dog.
      • Playing chase in the park.
      • Dancing together ….put on your favourite music.
      • Teach your child to whistle and click their fingers.
      • Play Hide n Seek.
      • String games using your hands are fun.
      • Water play ….making bubbles, splashing..could be bath time fun.

All this physical activity is so important for growing children.

Hand to eye co ordination and the developmental process involved in obtaining that skill develops from large muscle activity to assist the small muscle skills that children need to learn to write and read.  The spin off for your child in developing these physical skills is tied in with their emotional well being.

Enjoy making your kids laugh.(this is an affilate link)

Please feel free to contact us with any further suggestions.

Best wishes