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I am excited to be sharing my passion for the well being of children and a love of life and learning. I am a teacher and have spent a lot of my time engaging children in artistic endeavors.

I have had two children of my own, that are now fully functioning wonderful adults. I loved watching them grow and pass through their milestones. I cooked with them, played with them, read, sang and nurtured them.

I am keen to develop a dialogue between parents/caregivers and this website.

I have taught music and constantly read to my children. I have ideas for a range of activities.

I am also very interested in the well being of children and parents. There is still so much to learn in a world that is constantly changing and how these changes impact on the social and emotional well being of us all as human beings.

Setting up this website, embracing the world of the internet and developing this medium as a tool to broaden perspectives and support children and parents in coping with the pressures of life is my ultimate goal.

Just remember…

“One of the best things to do if you are in a bad mood, or if you are feeling down, is to laugh. It makes you feel better. As children, we laughed much more than we do as adults.”
Catherine Pulsifer, Laughter Is The Best Medicine
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