Monthly Archives: February 2015

How to make a Strawbo

  This instrument is also known as a Straw Oboe. There is nothing like creating sound with your children, this is a wonderful simple instrument, easy to make, using a straw. This is an instrument I learnt to make from Mark Cain. From the humble straw… Mark is a wonderful instrument maker and musician based in Fremantle, Perth Western Australia. Check out his website

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Our Inner Voice

Our inner voice… ‘The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.’ Peggy O’Mara Have you ever stopped to think about how we got our inner voice? How it might be attached to our self esteem. Why do we see the world the way we do? How come we we work for a salary? Did our Dad work for a salary? Is

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Giant Family Fun

  Every now and then something extraordinary comes along and yesterday was that day, as part of the Festival of Perth, I went to see the Giants. They are not a foot ball team!!! They are Giant puppets. Royal De Luxe are world leaders in large-scale street theatre and story telling. Founded in 1979, based in Nantes, France they are recognised internationally for their

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